Photo Tour

Our church is nestled in the foothills of the Bear Paw Mountains. This new church was built in 1999 mostly by volunteers.

Indian Sculpture
This Indian Sculpture which greets visitors to our church has the following inscription:
Sculpted in Memory of Vic The Boy by his dad, Vernon The Boy. Dedicated to the Glory of the Creator God on October 31, 1999

Church Buildings

Buildings on the church property include:

  • 1. The round church - built in 1999
  • 2. The log church - built around 1920
  • 3. The Mission House, which has the church offices, sleeping and storage space on the lower level and the 2nd floor.
  • 4. Cabin #4 – Ramp entrance. Handicap accessible bathroom.
  • 5. Cabin #3
  • 6. Cabin #2
  • 7. Cabin #1

This photo was taken from the hill in the back of the property. There is room for parking available in the front of the property, which though not visible from this photograph, you will be able to see when you enter the property.

Chapel In The Sky
Located on the beautiful secluded hilltop behind the church is the Chapel In The Sky. The Chapel had been up on the mountain for many years, but during Pastor's Baileys term at Our Saviour's, he remodeled/refurbished it and dedicated it in Memory of Amy Carter and named it the Chapel in the Sky.

The sanctuary is octogonal in shape with walls made of knotty pine wood. Eagle and Native American motif are used throughout.

Eagle Rock Painting
The Eagle Rock Painting was painted and donated to the Church by Vernon the Boy. The Eagle holds many spiritual and sacred beliefs to the Native Americans.

Stained Glass Window
The Stained Glass window "Bread of Life" depicts the Indian Version of Jesus, he is holding bannock (an Indian bread) in his hands. It was made and donated by Danielle The Boy.

Star Quilt
A beautiful Star Quilt adorns the back wall of the Sanctuary, it was given as a gift during the dedication of the Church.

ELCA Carved Plate
The ELCA wood carved plate was hand carved and donated by Chris Christianson, member of Zumbro Lutheran Church in Rochester, MN.

Woven Rugs and Fireplace
The woven rugs and fireplace at the back of the sanctuary offer a welcoming warmth to the church. The fireplace is used to provide additional heat to the building in the cold winter months.

Jesus on the Cross Painting
Jesus on the Cross was painted by Clarence Cuts The Rope.